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Eric Campbell

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Eric Campbell started woodworking in 2006 attending classes at North Bennet St. School in Fine Woodworking and Machine Woodworking, then designing and building a router table, Roubo workbench and full dining room set in the Eliot School's Furniture Design, Upholstery and Woodworking Open Shop classes. Since then, he has been designing and building furniture for his own home, incorporating new techniques and processes in each succeeding piece. 


Upcoming Classes

Private Lesson - Basic Box 2W23 (2nd Class Make-Up) Workshop March 21, 2023
Intermediate Woodworking: Small Table 1S23 Class April 10-May 15, 2023
Private Lesson - Basic Box 2W23 (Last Class Makeup) Workshop April 17, 2023
Basic Woodworking: Box 1S23 Class May 3-June 7, 2023
*Basic Woodworking: Box 2S23 Class June 21-July 26, 2023