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+ Upcoming Classes
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+ 10/20 Artists' Talk: New Urban Monuments
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Our School & Community Partnership corps spent orientation planning lessons on color, shape, line, value, literacy and meaning. They're fanning out to classrooms throughout the city to teach art and woodworking to thousands of children this year.

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• 7/27 Tell Us the Truth Booth
• 7/27 Artist for a Nite
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• Summer Program for Children
• Thanks! We Met Our Match

Our schoolhouse feels happy, buzzing with active children making sailboats, pillows, pictures and Lego towers. The Summer Program runs one week at a time through the end of July.


Eric Campbell reviewed a list of furniture design books while he was a student here, and now he is one of our instructors. Here's what he has to say.


Dave LeBleu wrote this story for the Eastern Mass. Guild of Woodworkers newsletter some years ago.  He removed his safety glasses to tap spindles into the seats of some dining room chairs. Before he could blink, a splinter landed in his eye. He has become an articulate advocate for eye protection while woodworking.


Boston Explorers spent February week cutting and and drilling in the Eliot School wood shop. Boston Explorers gathers urban youth to explore Boston, inspire one another and engage their curiosity, emphasizing the power of play and creativity.

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