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Faculty & Staff Shopping Guide 2022

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The talented artists and makers who teach here have wonderful works of art to share with you. When you shop here, you're supporting our faculty and staff while also supporting local businesses. With so many online stores and businesses out there, we are making holiday shopping for local handmade gifts easy.

Click around to discover gifts for loved ones—or yourself!



Jared Abner  Studio

An extremely talented artist who works primarily in wood, here are Jared's own words on his sculptures:

"Simply put, my work is about subtraction and addition. First, through the processes of turning, carving, and cutting away at the raw material, I subtract. Then I put the pieces together again. Creation through destruction. Just like a little kid cutting something with a saw."

To learn more about Jared and his art: Jared Abner Studio

To purchase his sculptures:  1st DIBS (Jared Abner)



LJ Baptiste

A Boston-born and raised artist LJ Baptiste has collaborated with many media giants such as Google, Hasbro, and PBS. 

LJ’s art can be described as distinctive, masterful, and captivating. When it comes to visual communication, LJ prioritizes authenticity, details, and positive messages.

He is best known for his ongoing comic book series Comixscape. Volumes 1-3 can be purchased in Comixscape's online store





Terry Boutelle

A Boston artist who grew up in rural New England surrounded by woods and pastures, Terry Boutelle's paintings are strongly informed by nature. An active member of the artist community Terry has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in the Massachusetts area.

See her work, the location of her studio, and her current exhibitions on Terry's website





Jodi Colella Artist

Meticulously crafted, eclectic fibers, found objects and forged metal, all thoughtfully fabricated into unusual organic shapes and textures. Wearable art that embodies adornment‚or rather, adorns the body.

Visit Jodi's shop








Tara Connaughton

An award-winning artist who has exhibited at art venues across Massachusetts. She specializes in botanical and nature-inspired paintings. Tara uses her passions for painting, love of nature, and teaching to inspire others to create and connect with the world around them.

To learn more about Tara and to purchase her work, visit Tara's online store.





Jerel Dye Illustration

A published illustrator from Boston who has been creating art and comics since 2005.  He has produced several self-published mini-comics and has created comic stories for anthologies such as the award-winning Little Nemo/Winsor McCay tribute "Dream Another Dream".

Interested in Jerel's work and staying updated on events pertaining to him?

Visit Jerel's Prints/ Jerel's Comics.





Lynda Goldberg–Artist

Lynda Goldberg is an award-winning artist who creates one-of-a-kind monotypes that have been exhibited in both solo and group shows.  Her work is in many public, private and non-profit collections across the world. Fun fact three of her pieces can be seen in the mini-series "Olive Kitteridge".

To learn more about Lynda and to purchase her work, visit Lynda's website





Maggie Ruth 

Maggie Ruth Haaland (she/they) is a queer natural dyer, herbalist, writer, and footbath devotee living in JP.

She has studied plant medicine for ten years and has over the past number of years fallen in love with the intersection of fiber and herbal medicine. Her creations can be viewed as handmade plant magic that are made with tenderness. 

Visit Maggie's Etsy shop.





Norberto Fabian

Honoring the memory of the late and immensely talent (one of Oaxaca’s most respected and accomplished woodcarvers) Ventura Fabian; Noberto Fabian and his partner Blanca Estela Melchor Mendez alongside their children work together to create masterful Oaxacan wood carvings known as “alebrijes” or “figuras de madera” whose history dates back to the pre-Hispanic times in Oaxaca, Mexico.

To learn more about the Fabian family and to purchase their art, visit The Dancing Chickens of Ventura Fabian website




Kymberlee Keckler

A woman of many hats which include bookbinding, ceramics, soap-making and chocolate, Kymberlee Keckler has created amazing products since 1985. 

Visit Soaparama to purchase Kymberlee's soap creations.  For chocolates, visit Filthy Rich Chocolates.






Jessamy Kilcollins

An award-winning textile artist, mender, and fashion designer whose works focus on sustainability and the handcrafting process. 

Her current project is AMENDED, a collection of creatively mended vintage garments that would otherwise end up in the textile waste stream.

Visit Jessamy's website to learn more about Jessamy and purchasing her works.





Abigail Neale

Abby Neale is an artist and educator based in Boston Massachusetts. They teach in Boston Public Schools and the Eliot School of Fine and Applied Arts. They have a Masters's in teaching and BA in art. Their artwork, under the moniker of Lavender Menace Press, uses zines, printmaking, and installation to intertwine personal, political history, nature, and activism. These works offer people a micro liberation that inspires resilience in folks committed to social justice.

Visit Abby's Etsy shop.




Vicki Kocher Paret

A representational painter, Vicki Kocher Paret creates landscapes and still-life paintings in gouache. Her paintings are the product of her desire to spend time with paint, and to portray the beauty  she see in her encounters.  

Visit Vicki's website to learn more about her work and to stay updated on her paintings, workshops and events.






Dahlia Popovits

A multi-talented artist who runs the Dahlia Gallery located at 524 Harrison Ave in the South End. Dahlia Popovits’ boutique woven fabric gallery in Boston, MA (SoWa) features her creations and garments, accessories, and jewelry from herself and other talented artisans.

Visit Dahlia's shop.






Eli Portman

Eli Portman was born and raised in the Greater Boston area. He graduated from the State University of New York at Binghamton with a Bachelors Degree in studio art in the spring of 2014. 
​Portman has created murals and custom artwork for local businesses and events, and displayed his work in universities, libraries, cafes and art galleries all over the City of Boston.  He is a member of the Copley Society of Art, and regularly has his illustrations published in various media. He specializes in illustrations of city scenes and watercolor landscapes.

Visit Eli's website.


Robin Radin Photography

 A Boston-based photographer whose career as an exhibiting artist and educator has spanned forty years. Her experience as a photographer and darkroom printmaker is reflected in the rich tonal range of her archival-processed black and white gelatin silver prints.  

To view her prints:  Robin Radin Photography






Robert Siegelman

Robert Siegelman is a photographer and printmaker whose teaching is also an art. He teaches at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston as well as the Eliot School of Fine and Applied Arts, works with artists privately, and leads workshops and classes throughout New England. 

Visit Robert's instagram to view his work—any post can be printed to desired size. Robert currently has work on view at the FPAC Gallery





Zahirah Nur Truth 

Da Artist ZNT, as she is lovingly known, teaches art practices from the youngest to the oldest artist at heart. Integrating social justice, cultural awareness, and a healing engagement educational approach into her curriculum. She earned an AS in Early Childhood Education, with an Arts Program focus from Bunker Hill Community College, and holds a BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts/Tufts University, Boston.

Visit Zahirah's website to learn more about her work.





Quontay Turner

Quontay Turner, also known as "Q" is a creative entrepreneur who is the founder of the Emerald City Plant shop which is a Black/womxn operated shop in Massachusetts. In her spare time, Q loves building connections and sharing resources with those new to the Boston area as one of the lead organizers of the Boston Young Black Professionals (YBP). 

Visit Emerald City Plant Shop.



Lillian E. Webster

A talented artist Lillian is a South Coast metal smith who discovered her passion for working in silver after taking a jewelry fabrication class at UCLA.  She has been making fine jewelry in silver and cast bronze ever since. Through jewelry, Lillian reconciles the paradoxical nature of the imaginary, which is sparked in the tangible world but leading always elsewhere.  Material objects can frame the ephemeral and the fantastic; objects can instill wonder and allow our minds to wander. 

To learn more about Lillian and to purchase her art, visit her website Metal Urges Imagined.