Meet Our New Artists in Residence: TakeOne & GoFive

We’re excited to welcome our 2022 Artists in Residence. GoFive and TakeOne frequently work together as a two-person mural crew.

TakeOne grew up immersed in hip hop culture as a member of Latinx communities in Boston neighborhoods like Dorchester, Roxbury, and the South End. He became part of the African Latino Alliance, which brought together teens and young adults for positive art experiences in the ‘90s, at a time when gang violence was surging. As he developed increased skills with paint, the scale and scope of his art grew, leading to murals of varying sizes and themes.

GoFive has been providing Boston with creative and inventive public art for more than 10 years. Described by Boston Magazine as having “serious street art credentials,” he has enlarged Boston’s rich mural traditions in neighborhoods where he has ties. GoFive teaches design and visual arts at Madison Park Vocational High School. He was recently featured in Underground at Ink Block, organized by Street Theory. If you frequent the Eliot Schoolhouse, you’ve seen the gorgeous woodpecker painted by these two artists hanging in our staircase.