Virtual Teaching Spotlight Abby Neale

Virtual Teaching Spotlight Abby Neale 

School and Community Partnership (SCP) teacher Abby Neale has been a rock-star before and during social distancing. Abby Neale is one of our full-time teachers working in various Boston Public Schools which include Grew Elementary School and Lee Academy. She was able to gracefully pivot to virtual teaching and has pictures and videos to show her progress. As a lead visual art teacher, Abby has restructured her home to be able to continue to support her Kindergarten through 3rd-grade students. Visit her Youtube channelFacebook page, or website to see her in action.

Abby Neale is an artist, collaborator, and educator with an interest in science fiction, urban landscapes, and wandering around cities. Born in New Haven, she sought creative inspiration through both an obsession with contemporary art, an appetite for books, and a desire to travel the world. Through her travels, she learned art exists beyond the white walls of a gallery and can become a tool for learning and finding a voice in big, public conversations.


"I hope to provide people with unanswered questions and windows into worlds of possibility. When making work, I consider how people interact and experience my work, operating in a space bridging art and daily life."