We are all in this together...

Dear Friends,
Our hearts are sore as our people and communities are scoured by brutality, murder and incitement to violence from the highest places. At the same time, the Covid-19 pandemic has revealed again the huge inequalities in our world, including the terrible toll of unequal health care, schooling and economic hardship. 

The Eliot School’s reach extends well beyond our quaint JP neighborhood. Our programs take place in schools, libraries and community centers–in real life, in normal times, and online now. We are devoted to the communities we serve. With disease keeping schools and businesses closed, we are physically isolated from each other. Yet we support each other through bonds of common humanity.

We know absolutely that Black Lives Matter. To the black and brown people of our Eliot School community, and beyond, please know that we see you, we hurt with you and we stand with you. To all in our community, and beyond, unless we all speak up, the voices of the silenced will not be heard.

In all of our work, we continue to pursue a more just and equal world. Throughout our Partnerships, Teen Bridge and In-House programs, we are thinking carefully about how we can more deeply and truly pursue our mission to inspire lifelong learning in craft and creativity for all. We want you to know that we are dedicated to this fight, supporting a just world, free of racism and violence for all.

- From all of us at the Eliot School