Join us with hammer, thimble, camera or brush...

and pursue your desire to create. Find us in our Jamaica Plain classrooms, and in public schools and community centers throughout Boston, teaching woodworking, sewing, fiber arts, painting, drawing, photography and more.

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Workshops for art teachers and teaching artists. Learn from Boston Children's Hospital and RAW Arts. All teachers, parents, aides welcome.

  • 11/20 Studio-based artmaking for behavioral health
  • 12/18 Behavioral support for students in the art classroom

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Currently hiring: Art and Woodworking Teachers and Aides (P/T), Wearable Arts Teacher K-8 (P/T), Tinkering Teacher (P/T), Comics Teacher (P/T), Visual Arts Early Ed Teacher (P/T), for School & Community Partnerships. Details here.

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Meet Our Business Supporters

Our local picture framing shop, Jameson and Thompson Picture Framers, has a rich history of supporting the local arts community, and has been a longtime business supporter of the Eliot School. Jameson & Thompson was founded in 1985 and has been on Greenview Ave in Jamaica Plain ever since.

From the very beginning, the shop was founded to serve the artist community with high quality picture framing. Today their team serves artists, collectors, galleries all over the city, and museums of all sizes. They strive to build a bigger, stronger network of artists, craftspeople and collaborators, using their shop as a hub.

Keep an eye out for partnership framing classes with their excellent team members.

Photo credit: Gretjen Helene

Alex Jacobson & Stephanie Putland
Jamaica Plain, MA