NOTE: Our SUMMER PROGRAM for CHILDREN is canceled, along with all SUMMER and FALL In-House classes.

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The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Supports Teen Bridge's Artist In Residence

We're excited to receive support from the National Endowment for the Art (NEA) for our Artist in Residence project, "InterGeneration." Carolyn Shadid Lewis is working with Teen Bridge to bring elders and youth together, reflecting on past and present moments through interviews and cut-paper animation. It's an honor to receive national recognition for this moving project during the pandemic.


Teen Bridge 

Teen Bridge connects young people from our community-based programs to our schoolhouse and beyond.

A dedicated group of teens from our partner schools participate outside of school time in a year-round, multi-year program combining art education and experience, life skills, mentorship, job training, and employment.

Teens collaborate with each other and teaching artists to develop their artistic, personal and professional voice, and their skills. They learn to work as art teachers’ aides and connect with Boston artists and opportunities. Participants help shape the program.

Teens meet on Saturdays during the school year and participate in intensive art experiences during the summer, including summer employment and our annual Artist in Residence program, receiving stipends and wages.



Carolyn Shadid Lewis, a multimedia artist and filmaker, will be our 2020 resident artist. Her work, InterGeneration, will bring two generations together (teens on the verge of adulthood and seniors later in life) through dialog and through collaborative art-making.

InterGeneration is a series of conversations and a joint creation that will occur in 2020 between teens and their elders that enlivens memory and hope through audio recordings and hand-made, stop-motion animation. The project will bring these two generations together through storytelling, attentive listening, and a collaborative creation. The word “generation” refers to different age groups, but it also refers to art making, production, invention. Through animating stories of the past and expectations for the future, InterGeneration will initiate creative ways of seeing our current moment.