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Teen Bridge Goes Behind the Scenes of the MFA Boston's Basquiat Exhibition

The current Teen Bridge cohort completed their fall 2020 semester. The young artists worked asynchronously to complete mixed media and collage pieces for their portfolios. They also took on skill-building challenges to hone their formal art skills. These included: 

Color Theory: We learned about color theory and the relativity of color. then practiced color schemes

Portraiture: teen learned about proportions and practiced drawing portraits in either front view, side profile view, or 3/4 view. 

View Finder: we practiced composition and selective color by drawing a still-life and developing a section further using a viewfinder.

Teen Bridge students had the opportunity to sign up for our Artist In Residency in which they worked with 2020 artist in residence Carolyn Shadid Lewis to collaboratively create "InterGeneration" a preview in-progress stop motion film. Once the preview was created, Teen Bridge students participated in a screening and Q/A panel for "InterGeneration."

Most recently, Curator of Contemporary art at the MFA Boston Liz Munsell, gave teen bridge students a virtual tour of the Writing the Future: Basquiat and the Hip Hop Generation and an inside look at how the exhibition came to be. Tanya Nixon Silberg co-founder of Little Uprisings and Wee the People, complemented the tour with a workshop on museums and cultural institutions, that posed the questions: Who are museums for? Who do they serve? And how can museums be more accessible? 

See a few of the final pieces done by the Teen Bridge students: