Our Summer Program for Children is Open for Registration!

How are you spending your summer?

 We're still in February, but summer is on our minds. Registration for our Summer Program for Children is open! Each year we adjust our offerings in response to feedback. We also receive a lot of positives notes from families and youth.

Highlights from last year


"I registered my son for SPFC because he loves art and I wanted to foster that love.  He especially liked getting the chance to learn how to use tools in woodworking."


"My daughter loved everything about camp at the Eliot School!  She loved her summer instructors; learning to work with wood; the other students and the games they played at recess; and that she could walk to camp by herself because we live close enough!  We appreciated the ratio of students to children and that she had enough time to work on/finish her projects.  She is generally slow and careful with her art projects so if she says she had enough time, I feel it must be true!"


"My child was so proud of her finished product and I really appreciate the instructors helping her along. She liked the kids and the instructors fostered a inclusive and fun environment. She said 'We are all friends.'"


What are your memories of summer at the Eliot School?

Check out our Summer Program for Children schedule for 2023!