Express yourself! Community members needed for art project

صنع في أمريكا

Made in USA

Exhibition at Piano Craft Gallery

793 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02118

August 18 - 27


Community Participation Project

You’re invited to contribute a self-portrait as part of Feda Eid’s صنع في أمريكا (Made in USA): Crafted Visions, the Eliot School’s 2023 Artist in Residence project! 


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Feda Eid uses photography to ask questions about what it means to be shaped by complex national and personal histories. Using everyday domestic objects, she crafts self-portraits reflecting on her roots in both Lebanese and American cultures, and the possibilities of creating a more just world from the mess of our present.  


Using objects from your everyday life that connect to your cultural identities and sense of home, create a self-portrait or still life that shares your unique self-expression. A portrait could include your face, but maybe it’s your back turned to the camera. Maybe it’s a collection of objects that somehow represents you. What are you? What could you be?


Submit your photo through our online form and answer the following questions:

What do the objects in your self-portrait represent?

Why did you choose to include them?  


Selected images may be featured on Eliot School social media, our website, and in our exhibition at Piano Craft Gallery in August! Submissions due July 30, 2023 and only the first 100 will be considered.  

Scan the code to fill out form.


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