Propose a Class

Call for Proposals Spring/ Summer 2018

We welcome proposals from prospective teachers and ideas from students. This year we are particularly interested in soliciting:

     • New book and paper workshops and classes for adults
     • Adult with Child summer weekend workshops
     • Workshops that fit into our growing Artisan's Table workshop series
     • Workshops that embody our vision and core values


     • October 1 for our Spring/Summer catalog
     • March 1 for our Fall/Winter catalog

Prior teaching experience required. To apply, please email [email protected] with your resume and portfolio.

Ideas from students

Send us your idea for a class you would like us to offer.

Proposals from teachers

We are open to proposals for new classes and workshops for any age group. Some of our classes emphasize traditional crafts. Others celebrate experimentation. We want to send our students home happy, fulfilled, inspired, ready to do their own work and eager to learn more. 

Two ways to submit proposals:

  • Use our online survey form. Make sure to click DONE at the end. Some browsers may have trouble with Survey Monkey. After filling out a survey please email resume and images to [email protected]
  • Download a form and email it to us along with a resume and three high resolution images.
  • Classes that are not submitted with three high resolution photographs will not be considered.




Woodworking Woodworking & Furniture Printmaking & Photography
Sewing & Fashion Upholstery & Restoration Book & Paper Arts
Visual Arts (Art, Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media) Home Repair Mixed Media
Photography Sewing, Fashion, Fiber Arts    Design
Inventions, Tinkering, Robotics Drawing & Painting Summer Intensives



  • March 1, 2018 – for FALL & WINTER September 2018-March 2019
  • October 1, 2018 – for SPRING & SUMMER April-August 2019


We actively seek proposals for new classes and workshops:

  • for any age
  • of any length, from 1 to 10 sessions
  • within our interest areas
  • to be held in-house at the Eliot School (or in any nearby location that is covered by liability insurance)


During the School Year

  • Workshops and classes from 1 session to 10 weeks and anything in between
  • Fall semester: September–December
    Winter semester: January–March
    Spring semester: April–June
  • We teach children ages 2–17. 
  • Teens age 17 and up may take adult classes. Younger teens are often allowed into adult classes, pending permission from parents and instructors.
  • Children are most often grouped by age: 6–8, 9–12, 11–14 and 13–17.
  • Adult classes may be geared to any level of experience and skill.
  • We are particularly interested in attractive daytime workshops and classes for adults.

Summer for Adults

Options include:

  • Weekend workshops, e.g. Sat/Sun from 10am-6pm, two consecutive Sundays from 10am-4pm, one Saturday from 10am-2pm, etc.
  • One week intensives, Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm, in August

Summer Program for Children

  • For age groups 6–8, 9–12 and 12–14
  • Half-day classes, Monday through Friday, one week at a time, 9am-12pm or 12:30-3:30pm
  • Program runs from mid-June through July (exact dates determined each year)
  • Each half-day we offer three separate classes drawing upon four threads: woodworking, sewing, visual art and an inventions thread that can include electricity, kinesis, etc.
  • Because some children attend for multiple weeks, we offer something different each week, even if it has the same name. For example, woodworking can be Wooden Boats one week, Go-Carts one week, a model house one week, multiple projects involving moving parts one week.
  • We also entertain programs outside this box. Successful offerings in the past have included Mosaics, Photography, Printmaking, T-Shirts and Assemblages.
  • This summer we are hoping to run a musically themed week. We are actively seeking proposals for musical instrument classes


In proposing or designing your class, please note that we have:

  • Wood shop with complete set of hand and power tools
  • 2nd floor sewing room (staircase access) with 8 sewing machines, serger, irons & ironing board, small drying rack, 3 laminated work tables, homosote walls
  • 2nd floor art room (staircase access) with 12 easels, 5 laminated folding tables, 11 wooden tables on wheels, homosote walls
  • 3 hot-plates
  • Dye box for mixing powdered dyes and auxileries
  • WiFi
  • Digital projector and wall screen
  • Large open yard (but with no security, so projects cannot be left outdoors overnight)

We do not have:

  • Storage capacity (especially for 3-dimensional work)
  • Ventilation for batik, encaustic or other arts that generate toxic fumes
  • Exhaust hood for powdered dyes or other airborne toxins
  • Ceramics studio
  • Metals studio
  • Computer lab
  • Darkroom