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Professional Development

Our Art Teachers Alliance offers a workshop series each fall. PD Points are available; ask our PD Coordinator, for details. Use our Find a Class tool. Under Class Type, choose Professional Development.

Forms for Our Teachers

Everyone who is not on fixed salary must submit their hours by the 23rd of each month in order to be included in that month's payroll. Late submissions will be paid the following month.

Time Sheets

Partnership teachers and aides, please use our portal at

All others, please use our time sheet form:

Time Sheet Instructions: In-House Classes

Our bookkeeper processes between 40 and 100 time sheets each month, so following these basic guidelines will help her do her job well. 

  • Download a time sheet form, above.
  • On the time sheet itself, type your name and the month and year just above the schedule.
  • List the hours of each class (start and end time) in the left-hand column.
  • In the CLASS HOURS column, list how many hours you worked that day. For example, if your class was from 2-4pm, you will put 2 (for 2 hours) in the Class Hours box on that row.
  • At the bottom of the chart, add up the total number of hours.
  • Save the form with your last name and the month in the file name.

Please note:

  • If you are working as BOTH a teacher AND an aide, make sure to separate those on your time sheet, as we pay different rates for each.
  • We pay just for class hours (not for set up and clean up) UNLESS you have made a special arrangement for this with our Program Director. 

Email your time sheet to our bookkeeper at by the 23rd of each month. Include your name and the month in the email subject line. Our bookkeeper will send you an email acknowledging receipt of your time sheet. If you don't receive that email, please re-send.

Thank you!

Direct Deposit

It’s much easier for you—and for us, if you arrange for your paycheck to be deposited straight into your bank account. That eliminates the delay that comes with sending your paycheck through the mail. To enroll, please fill out a Direct Deposit form, attach a blank, voided check, and give it to our bookkeeper. You may mail it in, or leave it in the office at our schoolhouse or at our Annex.


Reimbursement Requests

If you need to purchase class supplies or get something photocopied, we’ll reimburse you. Fill out a reimbursement form, above, and attach a copy of the receipt. A simple photo from your phone works perfectly. Email them together to your Program staff, and they’ll give the request to our bookkeeper. We usually issue reimbursement checks within 14 days of submission; an exception would be when our bookkeeper is on vacation.


Sick Time


Incident Reports


Forms for New Hires

Boston Public Schools Info

Resources for Art Teachers


Association of Teaching Artists
Resources, information, connections

National Art Education Association
Supporting professional growth and leadership for visual arts educators

National Guild for Community Arts Education
Membership organization for arts education providers

Teaching Artists Guild
National community for professional teaching artists

Blogs & Other Resources

ArtsBlog (Americans for the Arts)
National dialog on arts education

Art History Resources
Images and information

ArtsEdge (Kennedy Center)
Lessons, standards, links and more

Educational CyberPlayGround
Scroll down on this site for a vast compilation of resources

Teaching for Change
Social justice resources for the classroom

Wisdom of the Hands
Woodworking and hands-on learning blog



There are several options for obtaining supplies for your class:

  • Purchase supplies at one of the stores where Eliot School has a house account. The Blick outlet in the Fenway, at 401 Park Drive, has our list of approved teachers. You’ll get 20% off your total purchase and an additional 5% off in sales tax exemption. You must obtain permission from your Program Director first, and be placed on the list, in order to use the Eliot School's house account. Please arrange with our InHouse Program Director for In-House teaching or our Partnership staff for Partnership classes.
  • Purchase supplies and submit a Reimbursement Form (above) to be repaid.
  • Give your Program Director links to order for you.
  • For In-House classes, you may opt to provide supplies and have students pay you for them directly. To do this, you must specify this in advance, in your course proposal or with your Program Director, so that students know the materials fee in advance.