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Covid-19 Response

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Refer to this page for the latest updates from the Eliot School and our COVID-19 response. Sign up to receive updates. Questions? Contact our support staff.

View our full Covid-19 policy for registered students

In registering for a course at the Eliot School of Fine and Applied Arts, you agree to abide, either on your own behalf (student) or on behalf of your child (parent/guardian), by the Eliot School of Fine and Applied Arts' terms of Health & Safety. Non-compliance with these terms may lead to termination of your registration.  These terms include, but are not limited to:

  • Wearing a mask over the nose and mouth as-required for indoor classes
  • Attending classes only if you (or your child, when clinically able) have completed a full course of Covid-19 vaccinations.  Vaccination verification (via card, photo, website or app) is required on first day of attendance in-person.
  • Adherence to suggested social-distancing recommendations as-determined by the city of Boston. 
  • Abstaining from participation in any program held by the Eliot School should you/your child demonstrate symptoms of communicable illness including: fever/chills, persistent cough, shortness of breath/wheezing (unrelated to chronic illness), nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, loss of taste/smell, congestion/runny nose (unrelated to chronic illness), or extreme fatigue/body aches.
  • Notifying the Eliot School should you become aware that you (or your child) have been exposed to Covid-19 during the period of your participation in an Eliot School program.
  • Abstaining from participation in any Eliot School program until 10 days following a positive Covid-19 test AND the complete cessation of symptoms.  You will be eligible for a course credit or refund for the course term you are unable to attend.
  • Ensuring your child is met by a guardian satisfying the above terms at the close of their program, or, otherwise, met outside of the Eliot Schoolhouse.




UPDATED 12.26.22

We are committed to the Eliot School remaining a safe place for all, especially for our teaching staff. To ensure all who attend our programs feel safe doing so, we will continue to require masks and vaccinations for all (eligible) visitors to our buildings. We will review our COVID policies this Spring and will update our policies April 2023.

UPDATED 5.9.22

If you plan to attend an Eliot Schoolyard Concert, vaccination cards/masks are not required as concerts are held outdoors.  Masks will be required to enter the Schoolhouse to access the restroom. Social distancing between groups is encouraged.

UPDATED 3.18.22

We are committed to the Eliot School remaining a safe place for all, especially for our teaching staff. To ensure all who attend our programs feel safe doing so, we will continue to require masks and vaccinations for all (eligible) visitors to our buildings. While we are seeing positive changes in COVID-infection and hospitalization rates, as well as the lifting of mask-mandates, we want to prioritize safety for all who teach, learn, and work at the Eliot School.

Our community includes a number of people who have concerns about their personal vulnerability, as well as those in their households. Our classrooms are also shared spaces, that include visitors who are ineligible for vaccination. We are monitoring the City of Boston and state of Massachusetts recommendations on COVID-safety precautions, and will modify our policies in the future, once we determine what best serves our school community as a whole.

UPDATED 1.9.22

All students/guardians of enrolled students will be required to show a valid Covid-19 vaccination card or card image to their course/workshop instructor on the student's first day in-attendance.  You may, alternately, use the state-sponsored or City of Boston-sponsored vaccination-verification site/app: https://www.myvaxrecords.mass.gov/ to verify the student's status.

UPDATED 11.19.21

All eligible children/teens will be required to complete the recommended course of vaccinations for Covid-19 prior to attending programs at the Eliot School in 2022.  The 2nd recommended inoculation must be scheduled for no later than January 17th, 2022.  If you have questions/concerns about compliance with this policy, please contact us at [email protected].

UPDATED 10.20.21

Our In-House classes are returning gradually to our schoolhouse. Thanks to generous donors among our students, our schoolhouse now has a complete air exchange and air purification system. We are currently limiting the number of people in each classroom in order to permit social distancing.

Partnerships, Teen Bridge, and Artist in Residence are all meeting safely off-site and in our Amory Street Annex.

As always, safety is our top priority, and we depend on your cooperation and participation. We care deeply about the wellbeing of all who call the Eliot School home.

Rules for Students, Teachers & Staff

We are requiring the following for all who teach and attend our in-person classes:

  • Confirm that you have been fully vaccinated, or proof of weekly negative COVID test.
  • Wear a mask at all times in our indoor spaces.
  • Keep safe 6' distance from others.
  • Stay away from class if you are sick, are experiencing COVID-like symptoms, have recently tested positive, or have been recently exposed to the virus. 

Building & Office Hours

  • Our schoolhouse on Eliot Street is now open for a selection of classes. We will be adding more classes step by step over Fall, Winter, and Spring.
  • Staff are working a hybrid schedule, remotely and in office. We can answer emails and return voice messages Monday–Friday, 10am–5pm.


Thank you for being part of our caring community! Stay safe and be well.