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Drawing from the Imagination 1W23

Age Group: 
Teens (17+), Adults

Learn how illustrators and concept artists create dynamic and imaginative drawings using inspiration boards, reference images and lots of imagination. See how the best in the business develop character and costume design, animal, creature, and monster drawings, vehicles and robots, interiors and landscapes. Put it all together with art that is out of this world. Some prior life- and figure-drawing experience recommended. 

Limit 8 students 

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Jerel Dye

Jerel Dye makes drawings, illustrations, books, video and new media performance. His art has appeared in children’s books, comics, animation and exhibitions throughout New England. He is developing his first graphic novel.

Jerel works as Media Arts Manager for Grassroots International and as a freelance illustrator. He earned his BFA at UMass Dartmouth and his MFA at Massachusetts College of Art & Design.

Drawing, Comics, Cartoon, Graphic Narrative
Materials to bring to class:

Sketch book 9" x 12" or larger



Laptop or Tablet (cell phones may be used, but larger screens are recommended)


Additional materials will be discussed in class and may include:



colored pencils

watercolor paint (field kit cakes only)


bristol paper