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Intermediate Sewing 1F23

Age Group: 
Teens (17+), Adults

Go beyond basics with zippers, pockets, collars and get started with a garment of your choice. Improve your skills to read a pattern and make basic adjustments (lengthen or shorten legs or sleeves), then choose and cut fabric expertly.

Take this class as many times as you like to solidify your essential sewing skills and complete a series of projects.

We'll discuss where to purchase supplies during class.

Prerequisite: Basic Sewing or equivalent skills.

Limit 6 students


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Elodie Bordry

Elodie Bordry

Elodie Bordry is a French artisan, always interested in learning and sharing new techniques.

Having designed jewels and accessories for 7 years, she used to sell her creations at designer markets in the Greater Paris; she also learned to sew on her own.

In 2020, after taking part in a volunteer workshop to sew over 6,000 medical scrubs for a French hospital, she decided to take a CAP, a French professional sewing diploma, which she passed in 2021, a few days before moving to the United States.

Sewing, knitting and jewelry design are her 3 favorite creative fields.

Elodie is originally graduated in Law, she holds a BA in Human Resources from Paris.

She leads a French conversation group for non-native speakers at the Belmont Public Library, used to volunteer for an annual cancer research fundraiser and also supports animal rights campaigns.

Sewing, knitting
Materials to bring to class:

A standard sewing kit, OR:

- a fabric marking pencil 

- a "Quilt and sew see-thru ruler" or a Japanese flexible ruler 

- a measuring tape

- a pair of fabric scissors

- a pair of embroidery scissors or a thread-cutter (for small finishing touches)

- a seam ripper 

- a box of fine pins

- few sewing needles + thread

- a notebook and pens

interfacing (there are different types of interfacing to be used and purchased for each project)

- large tracing paper

- curve ruler


Regular scissors

pen or pencil, white/dark and colored