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Intermediate Woodworking: Small Table 1F23

Age Group: 
Teens (17+), Adults

You can register for this class starting July 15. 

Create a customizable Shaker table from ash wood.

Choose your own dimensions for an end table, coffee table or another small table. Learn how to adapt the dimensions of a basic design. Then, join boards for your tabletop using a biscuit jointer, cut tapered legs and use a mortising machine for mortise and tenon joinery.  Limit 6 students. 

Good for students who have completed Basic Woodworking: Box, but want the next step before going to Woodworking Open Shop. 

*Prerequisite: 'Basic Woodworking: Box.'  Experienced wood-workers who have not taken 'Basic Woodworking: Box' - please contact Program Support.

All materials included in tuition.

Intermediate classes include:  Small Table • Wooden Stool • Mantel Clock • Bent Lamination



After avoiding many in-person activities for a while because of COVID, I wanted to work with wood again and to do a fun activity with other people.  The class atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming, and I also liked the project! 

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You can register for this class starting July 15. 

Eric Campbell

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Eric Campbell started woodworking in 2006 attending classes at North Bennet St. School in Fine Woodworking and Machine Woodworking, then designing and building a router table, Roubo workbench and full dining room set in the Eliot School's Furniture Design, Upholstery and Woodworking Open Shop classes. Since then, he has been designing and building furniture for his own home, incorporating new techniques and processes in each succeeding piece. 

Materials to bring to class:

All materials provided in class