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Introduction to Wicker Weaving 1W24

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Youth, Teens, Teens (17+), Adults

Wicker weaving is a style of weave that involves the use of multiple weavers together to create an interlocking pattern which results in added strength to the completed item.  Gain a comprehensive overview of basket weaving, including processing materials, introduction of color, basket materials and structures. Each student will complete a wicker bisquit/roll basket.

*Materials to bring to class: Instructor provides all materials free-of-charge, thanks to a generous donation from a community-member.


It is so rare to find an instructional class on basket weaving!  My aunt used to weave baskets, and I have always been curious about it.  The teacher was excellent in providing instruction and setting a mood that was relaxed and enjoyable. It was also enjoyable to be in a room with others while we each worked on our own basket. William is very well qualified--a gold standard for basket weaving instruction!  I've already signed up for the next class with this Instructor, which is a good indication of how I feel about my experience :-)

I registered for this workshop just for fun.  I'd never done basket weaving before and was happy to have a lot of great hands-on instruction.

William Krier is very passionate about the craft.  The class was small enough that he was able to address each student. All tools and supplies were available to each student and I left confident that I can do weaving at home!



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William Krier

William Krier

Born and raised among the Amish community in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, William Krier developed an interest in the art of basket weaving and has been practicing this art since the 1980's. He enjoys the challenge that wicker basketry brings. Using a variety of agents from commercial dyes to nut hull stain to teas, William dyes and stains all of his own reed.

Weaving traditional baskets using bright colors is William's way of contemporizing the art of basket making.

Basket Weaving
Materials to bring to class:

Instructor provides all materials.