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Painting: Watercolor, Acrylic & Oil 1S23

Revisit or discover three painting mediums: oil, acrylic, and watercolor.

We will Investigate and examine these materials. Also to begin, making color wheel charts, drawing as your primary resource and exploring light and dark underpainting. Constructing an image on a surface is inventing the world.

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Nancy Hart

Nancy Hart work

Nancy Hart is a Massachusetts based painter, occasional poet and prescient maker. Her passions lie in the conversation of cultural production. Ms. Hart has an MFA in Visual Arts and Critical Theory from the former Art Institute of Boston presently LUCAD Lesley College of Art and Design, and a BFA in painting from Tufts/SMFA. She studied Photography at Radcliffe Institute, Art History at Harvard University Extension and Massachusetts College Art. Art residencies include: Open Wabi in Ohio and Art Studio Ginestrelle in Assisi, Italy. She was awarded a CS Art Grant from the City of Cambridge in  2017.  She has mentored for the Emerging Artist Program at the Museum of Fine Arts, advised for a MFA candidate at SUNY, New Paltz, NY, is a private mentor to other artists and has been a portfolio reviewer for the College Art Ass. She currently teaches studio courses at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston including a Drawing and Painting Intensive and The Expanded Studio, and will be adding Beginning Painting in January 2020. Nancy Hart has built a living thesis into her studio practice, through decades of expansive research, practicing art, viewing art & film and popular media. She considers the world and its myriad contents and  our experiences as we may individually know them—to be the material for making our work. 

Drawing and Painting, Mixed media, Illustration
Materials to bring to class:

Oil Painting

  • Drawing pad or single sheets
  • pencils 
  • Oil paint: Prussian Blue and Cadmium Red Light, Black, White, Cadmium Free Lemon Yellow or Yellow Light, and black and white.. [ 1of each]
  • 1-2 Jars with tight fitting lid [small]
  • Gamsol, the medium to mix paint and to clean brushes
  • brushes an assortment
  • 4 - 5 Canvas, your choice + size, consider  9” X 12 min]  [for oil and acrylic]
  • Or - canvas paper, board, wood panel.
  • Palette [or old plate] ordisposable palette paper
  • Optional Palette knife, other colors.


  • 1 - Liquid watercolor: Red, Blue or Yellow
  • Brushes: round [#3 0r #4 tiny], filbert [oval], flat = soft watercolor brush
  • Graphite pencils and thin black marker
  • Cups
  • Hot [smooth] or Cold [textured] press watercolor paper pad or min 12 sheets
  • Watercolor tray [dry] or tubes assortment  
  • Masking tape - painters tape [does not stick to paper]
  • Optional: masking fluid, glue stick, sepia or black ink.


  • Paint / Red - blue - yellow - black and white — your choice of brand
  • Brushes for acrylic - assortment - cannot use oil brushes
  • extra scrap papers
  • See above for other supplies

Bring images [ printed] you would like to paint or try to work with - for all mediums