Scholarships / Becas

We are pleased to offer scholarships to low-income students, with preference given to children at schools participating in our School Partnership Program. Scholarships are available for our Summer Program for Children and on a limited basis for other classes during the year. Each child is eligible for one week of full days in our Summer Program or two weeks of half-day classes; additional weeks may be available depending on enrollment. Space is limited.

   + Download a scholarship application (pdf) in English
   + Download an Income Verification form (pdf) in English.
   + Contact us for more information.

Estamos alegres de poder ofrecer becas para el Programa de Arte en Verano para estudiantes con bajos ingresos y que atienden los colegios que participan en nuestro School Partnership Program. Cada estudiante es elegible para una semana de clases de todo el día o dos semanas de classes de medio día gratis. Espacio es limitado.

   + Descargue una solicitud para beca (pdf).
   + Descargue un formulario de verificación de ingreso (pdf).
   + Contáctenos para más informac

During the school year, we also make a limited number of scholarships available for children and teens.

We consider other scholarship applications on a case-by-case basis.

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Named Scholarships

We are proud to host special scholarship funds in honor of those who shared a passion for craft and art education. Their legacy allows students to attend classes tuition-free.

Sonja Schubert Calabi Scholarship for Textile Arts
Lorenzo Calabi Scholarship for Woodworking

The Calabi Family

Tim Ingles Scholarship
Tim Ingles' family and friends
This fund is collecting donations now. Donate here.

Nicole Murray Scholarship
The Eliot School community

Would you like to establish a named scholarship in honor of a loved one? Please contact us to find out more.