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Wood Turning: Shallow Plates 1W24

Age Group: 
Teens (17+), Adults

You can register for this class starting November 15. 

Create your own custom, hand-wrought vessels from wood.

Start with pieces of tree limbs and trunks, make them round and take off from there. Beginners learn basic lathe techniques while experienced students advance to the next level at their own pace. Wood will be provided in class; advanced turners may bring their own.


Ken is an excellent, experienced teacher, wonderful source of practical, relevant information that is integral to becoming a better wood turner.  Ken is expert at running a classroom across all experience levels; ensuring everyone gets what they want out of the class.  As Ken says, "It's your class. Tell me what you would like to do and I'll try and help you work out how to do it"


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You can register for this class starting November 15. 

Ken Lindgren

Ken Lundgren

Ken Lindgren makes functional and abstract objects from trees that have fallen due to death, disease, storm or construction. A member of the American Association of Woodturners, he has taught wood turning at Fuller Craft Museum, the New England Woodturning Symposium and elsewhere. He sells his turned bowls and other works of wood art throughout New England. He has won sculpture awards at North River Arts Society Festival of the Arts and Bridgton Maine’s Art in the Park. His professional career was as a chemical engineer.

“My pieces are all handcrafted to show the beauty that results when people and nature are in harmony. Teaching is a way for me to ‘pay it backwards,’ to do for students what my teachers did for me when I was a student.”

Wood Turning
Materials to bring to class:

Tools and materials provided by the instructor for $20 materials fee, payable in class.