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Frank Pettorossi

Frank Pettorossi

Frank Pettorossi started as a cabinetmaking apprentice at age 14 in Baselice, a small town in the Naples region of Italy. After moving to the US, he graduated from Boston Trade High School and joined Cabinetmakers Local 51. He worked in architectural millwork shops throughout the Boston area, did construction for Bar & Bar Co. and installed displays for Filenes department stores. His experience as a cabinetmaker and carpenter spans five decades.

“I have been working at the Eliot School for over 12 years and I find it very rewarding helping others with my craft.”


Upcoming Classes

Woodworking: Open Shop Add-On 5W20 Class January 4-March 7, 2020
Woodworking Open Shop 4W20 Class January 4-March 7, 2020
Woodworking Open Shop 1W20 Class January 6-March 16, 2020
Woodworking Open Shop 3W20 Class January 10-March 13, 2020
Woodworking Open Shop 2W20 Class January 23-March 26, 2020