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Summer Program for Children

The Eliot School is excited to announce that the Summer Program for Children has returned for 2022! The 8-week program will run from June 22 through August 12 and will take place in our schoolhouse as well as specially constructed, outdoor classrooms under tents.

Each week has a specific theme that students will explore in a variety of mediums including wood, fiber, paper, and more. 

Class size is limited. Register today.
Registration opens Wednesday, January 19.

Health & Safety

In an abundance of caution and to ensure the health and safety of all our students and teachers, our Summer Program will be a combination of indoor and outdoor programming this year.

• Classes will take place inside our schoolhouse, with its new air exchange and filtration system, as well as outdoors under tent canopies in the Eliot School yard. 

• Students are required to be vaccinated, with proof of vaccination to be presented on the first day of each week. 

• All families will be asked to commit to full days (9am−3:30pm).

• We offer early drop-off (8−9am) and extended day services (3:30−5:30 pm).

• Class sizes will be capped at 10-student pods to minimize risk. Pods will remain together in their own spaces for the entire day. 

• Meal, snack, and play times will be held outdoors whenever possible and staggered throughout the day to minimize contact between pods.

• Masks will be mandatory unless public health conditions change enough to justify unmasked participation either outdoors or indoors.

Hands-on Fun

Activities will focus on craft, curiosity, creativity, and innovation in a fun and supportive environment. Enjoy a well-balanced schedule of themed activities. Our summer team includes highly qualified art specialists and teachers who work with us year-round teaching after-school classes, or in our School & Community Partnerships. We are excited to welcome your family and children.

Times & Fees

Mornings and afternoons are combined into one whole day, 9:00 am − 3:30 pm. Meal, snack, and play times will be staggered throughout the day to minimize contact between pods.
Early Drop-Off / Extended Day
Leave your child with us for some relaxed time outdoors (if weather permits) or in our art room. Mixed ages, 6 – 14.
Early Drop-Off: 8:00 – 9:00 am
Extended Day: 3:30 – 5:30 pm (pick up 5:00 – 5:30 pm)
Cost per week
Weeks 1, 2, 4 - 6
$420 for full days
Early Drop-Off: $60/week
Extended Day: $120/week
Week 3 - June 6 to July 9 (no class Monday, July 5)
$340 for full days
Early Drop-Off: $48/week
Extended Day: $96/week
Please note that registration for Early Drop-Off and Extended Day are for the whole week only.
Sibling Discount
10% discount for a second sibling taking a class in the same time slot. At checkout, use Coupon Code: FAMILY.


Scroll through the Program Schedule below. Click on any offering to see details and add to your shopping cart.

New this year: You can enroll multiple children for multiple sessions in one shopping cart, under your own account. 

Registration opens each year in mid-January. 

We give past students’ families the opportunity to register early. If you have had a child enrolled in the past two years, expect an email in early January about early-bird registration.

As classes are both small and popular, they can fill up quickly. 

We process registrations strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration must be accompanied by full payment. Please read our policies on refunds and withdrawals before you register.

If you have any questions, call 617-524-3313 x14 or email 

Scholarships / Becas

We are happy to be able to offer scholarships to children from low-income households.
Estamos alegres de poder ofrecer becas a estudiantes con bajos ingresos. Espacios limitados.

Download a scholarship application (pdf) in English.

Descargue una solicitud para becas  en Español.

For more information, contact our Registrar.

Contáctenos para más información. 

A materials fee of $25 per student per class is required. Space is limited.

Una cuota de materiales de $25 por estudiante es requerida. Espacio limitado.

Return your application and Income Verification Form to our Registrar. She will review them and give you a coupon code to use for registration.

Entregue su solicitud y formulario de verificación de ingreso a nuestra registradora. Ella revisará sus documentos y le proveerá un código de descuento para uso durante su matriculación.

Our scholarships are made possible by the many people who donate to our Scholarship Fund.
Nuestras becas son posibles gracias a toda la gente que dona a nuestro fondo de becas.

Please consider a donation to our Scholarship Fund.
Considere hacer una donación a nuestro Fondo de Becas.

Health & Other Permission Forms

It's important to have information about our students readily accessible. If you've already registered for a class, make sure to fill out one of our health forms (we don't need documents from physicals or immunization records) and return it on or by the first day of your first class. You can drop it off, email it to our Summer Program Coordinator, or mail it to the Eliot School, PO Box 300351, Boston, MA 02130.

If we do not have a health form on file for your child, please fill out this online form before their first day of camp. Click here to fill out the Google form.


WEEK 1: Shape Shifting • June 21 – June 24 (Closed June 20)

Early Drop-off, Week 1

Leaves fall, flowers bloom, clouds form and disappear. Nothing stands still, not even us. In this week, we will explore spaces, communities and identities constantly in flux. Through practices like re-imagining classic stories, building kinetic sculpture and exploring experimental photography, we will investigate how things move and change and find the beauty in transformation, evolution and rebirth.

Shape Shifting: Ages 6 - 8

Shape Shifting: Ages 9 - 12

Extended Day, Week 1

WEEK 2: From the Earth to the Sky • June 27 – July 1 

Early Drop-off, Week 2

From the subjects we paint to the materials we use; the natural world is an integral part of the art making process. During this week we will feel our feet firmly planted in the dirt and our heads aloft in the clouds. Using a wide range of materials and mediums, students will learn to follow sustainable art practices, find out how materials like wood, pigment, and clay are sourced, and make artwork and structures that respect and reflect the landscapes in which we live.

From the Earth to the Sky: Ages 6 - 8

From the Earth to the Sky: Ages 9 - 12

Extended Day, Week 2

WEEK 3: A Tapestry of Many Threads • July 5 – July 8 (Closed July 4)

Early Drop-off, Week 3

Happy Fourth of July! In celebration of the multiplicity of American identities, this week students will explore what their own cultural and personal identities mean to them. From abstract self-portraits to quilts depicting family histories, students will investigate a wide diversity of American experiences, discovering things about themselves and their peers along the way.

A Tapestry of Many Threads: Ages 6 - 8

A Tapestry of Many Threads: Ages 9 - 12

Extended Day, Week 3 

WEEK 4: Many Worlds • July 11 – July 15

Early Drop-off, Week 4

Fly off to other planets and discover how alien societies work or dive into miniature fairy lands. Create alternate realities in which the world as we know it is completely unknown. Hop in a time machine and travel to the distant future of Earth to investigate how humans live then. During this week, students will reimagine infinite universes and societies with varied futures. Through comics, sculpture, illustration, built structures and more, students will envision the kinds of worlds they would like to see. 

Many Worlds: Ages 6 - 8

Many Worlds: Ages 9 - 12

Extended Day, Week 4

WEEK 5: In Public • July 18 – July 22

Early Drop-off, Week 5

What makes a city or town your home? What types of monuments do we wish to see in our parks and public spaces? Explore ideas about the communities we live in, our neighborhood identities, and ways our cities are used. Through painting, mapping, model making and sculpture, investigate what the cities of our imaginations hold. While creating public art for our neighbors to share, as well as visions of what our communities can be, we will show what a building, a block or a neighborhood can mean to us. 

In Public: Ages 6 - 8

In Public: Ages 9 - 12

Extended Day, Week 5

WEEK 6: New Frontiers • July 25 – July 29

Early Drop-off, Week 6

Do you have an invention that you’re dying to make? Ever wondered how machines and motors work? In this week investigating engineering, tinkering, and technology, dream about new futures and discoveries. What could the world be like in 50 years? You’ll be able to design robots, make pinball machines, or a catapult. We’ll practice our problem solving and critical thinking skills to dream up new solutions with simple machines.

New Frontiers: Ages 6 - 8

New Frontiers: Ages 9 - 12

Extended Day, Week 6

WEEK 7: Larger than Life and Littler Too • August 1 – August 5

Early Drop-off, Week 7

Let’s make something big, like really big, like monumentally big. Or put the world into miniature. In this week we’ll make art that uses the entire body, build structures that tower above us and imagine everyday things as if they were put under a magnifying glass. We’ll make tiny stuff too, put a blue whale in a water bottle, or a redwood into a matchbox. Using wood, fabric, paper and clay we’ll make the big small and the small huge!

Larger than Life and Littler Too: Ages 6 - 8

Larger than Life and Littler Too: Ages 9 - 12

Extended Day, Week 7

WEEK 8: Second Chance Studio • August 8 – August 12

Early Drop-off, Week 8

They say that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. What a shame to throw away an old milk carton or a toilet paper roll when it came turned into something new. A piece of art, a toy, a new invention. This week’s theme is all about giving objects a second chance, a second life. With materials you could find in recycling bin, to objects whose usable life has come to an end, we’ll keep out of the landfill and turn them into treasures we can keep for a lifetime.  

Second Chance Studio: Ages 6-8

Second Chance Studio: Ages 9-12

Extended Day, Week 8

LEGO WEEK: Design, Build and Innovation with DEILab • August 15 – August 18

DEILAB delivers exciting fun and engaging hands-on project based learning with LEGO as a tool to teach design, engineering and innovation concepts. Students will build a variety of creative art projects, skyscrapers, race cars and motorized battle and more in this STEAM (Science, Technology,  Engineering, Art and Math) innovation program.

This hands-on program focuses on rapid prototyping idea generation, and testing. The class is structured to enhance curiosity and ignite ingenuity while connecting students to real-world applications.

LEGO Design, Build and Innovation 1M22: Ages 6-8 (9am - 12pm)

LEGO Design, Build and Innovation 1M22 Ages 9-12 (12:30pm - 3:30pm)