Altered Books with a Purpose

Turn an old or used book into a work of art with a purpose, using imagination and a variety of mixed media techniques. Take a thematic excursion, tell a tale or dramatize an issue through color and visual imagery, creative materials, and 3-D structures. Use your book’s existing contents if you like, add new materials or use your book to display a collection of valued objects, images or photographs. Learn to assess the condition of the various components of an old book, decide which parts to keep and which to remove and create layouts that communicate your message or story. Limit 8 students

Course Number


Class Size


Age Range

17+, teens with instructor's permission

Skill Level

All Levels





  • Basic studio tools (scissors, cutting tools, bone folder, glue sticks, etc.)
  • One or two (good condition) old books--one can be a practice book/make sure books do not have mildew
  • Photographs, favorite drawing tools, collage papers, embellishments such as game pieces, buttons, orphan jewelry pieces, sea glass, mirror tiles, and other materials that support their theme or objective for the book
  • Smock

Instructor, Schedule, and Cost

This class is not being currently offered. Contact us if you are interested. 

Instructor: Wendy Wolfe Fine