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Drawing for Comics & Cartoons 1S23

Age Group: 
Teens (17+), Adults

Hone your drawing skills and advance your personal style. With tools and tricks used by cartoonists and illustrators, create memorable characters: humorous, heroic and anything in between. Set a scene, create drama and deliver a punchline in a single image or sequentially. Get the most out of your pencil sketches, then finish them off with ink and markers. This course is designed for beginners or those with some drawing experience.

All experience-levels welcome.  Open to teens (17+) and adults.  Limit 8 students

I wanted to learn more about cartooning from a professional, both for hobby reasons, but also to apply the knowledge to my career (I'm a filmmaker who was interested in applying these skills to storyboarding).  I enjoyed pretty much everything about this class.  Jerel's instruction and suggestions were incredibly helpful, and I improved dramatically over the course of the month and a half.  He was great at communicating ideas and helping me when I was having trouble with a concept.  I also liked getting to talk to classmates about their work.  I only wish the class was longer (as in, there were a few more weeks). I would have absolutely kept going!


I registered because I wanted to keep learning about drawing and get into cartooning.  This class offered students a lot of work time and it was a nice community. I learned a lot!


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Jerel Dye

Jerel Dye has illustrated two graphic novels; Pigs Might Fly in 2017, and Einstein in 2022, listed as one of the top 10 graphic novels of the year by ALA Booklist. He has been creating art and comics since 2005, producing dozens of self-published mini comics and creating comics stories for anthologies such as Inbound, Minimum Paige, Hellbound, and the award winning Little Nemo/Winsor McCay tribute Dream Another Dream. In 2012, he received the MICE comics grant for his mini-comic From the Clouds.

Much of his art stems from a deep interest in science and technology, though it frequently contains a healthy dose of wonder. Jerel Dye received his BFA from UMass Dartmouth in Painting, and his MFA at MassArt in the Studio for Interrelated Media. Jerel has been teaching courses in comics, drawing, and cartooning for over 12 years.

Drawing, Comics, Cartoon, Graphic Narrative
Materials to bring to class:

Sketchbook 9” x 12” or larger




Bristol pad 9” x 12” or larger


The following materials will be discussed during class:

Black ink

Sable hair brushes

Dip pens

Technical pens