Wild Journals

Create colorful, textured art journal pages, using paint, printmaking techniques, stamping, stenciling and collage. Transform your pages into intricate, multilayered surfaces. Add dimensions by cutting and folding. Add extensions, pop-outs, windows and pockets. Make each page a one-of-a-kind canvas for words, drawings, images and photographs. Bring a blank journal; all other materials will be provided. Limit 8 students 

This class meets at the Eliot School Annex, 253 Amory St., Jamaica Plain.

Course Number


Class Size


Age Range


Skill Level

All Levels




Things to bring:


• A sketchbook or two (NOT spiral bound)

• Favorite drawing tools

• Scissors

• Bone folder 

• Olfa or X-Acto knife (and extra blades)

• Metal ruler & pencil

• Cutting mat (if you have one. Don’t buy one!)

• Glue sticks

• Apron or paint shirt

 (Certain weeks may require some additional materials.)


Instructor, Schedule, and Cost

FALL 2019