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Fashion & Surface Design: Nuno-Felted Skirt & Top 1F19

Design and make a stunning nuno-felted flared or straight skirt, an A-line top or a dress. Enlarge a normal sewing pattern into a felting pattern using simple, basic techniques. Create pleats to add extra float accents, then develop your own pattern. Work with linen, soya or silk fibers and raw wool to create textures to your own liking. Charity van der Meer joins us from Holland for this very special 3-day intensive. Prerequisite: Basic felting experience. Limit 8 students.

Charity van der Meer

Charity vanderMeer

Charity van der Meer graduated in Fashion Design and Knitwear from Nottingham Art and Design University. She moved to the Netherlands in the same year, where she worked in fashion and design and developed her own collection using felting techniques. Charity believes that felt gives her a wide range of creative possibilities, which she pursues by constantly researching and experimenting with new materials and techniques using natural textiles, raw materials and organic fibers. Her Sharit Ethical Fashion collection caught the eye of Li Edelkoort in Paris, where her dresses were used in the collection. 

“Felt has given me a chance to express myself beyond the conformity of the traditional felt making and dress making. There are endless possibilities and I am constantly researching new materials and new techniques. All material I use will tell their own story through my pieces,” Charity says. Her aim is to encourage and promote the use of this highly versatile fiber, wool, in knitting and felting. She loves to share her knowledge of felting. “Felt being the oldest fiber technique, it is worth passing on.” In recent years, she has been traveling and teaching all over Europe using found, tried and tested techniques.


Fiber Art, Sewing, Fashion
Materials & Tools:

Materials dress size 10

300g very fine merino 18 to19 mic. Your choice of colours

7-8m chiffon 3.5mm or pongee 5mm 140m

* More if you have 90cm wide or if you are have a 110m wide or if adding pleats

Silk fibers 100g in the colors of your choice.

Note: this is for size s/m. Extra materials needed for a lager sizes

For the decoration (embellishments)

Assorted fabrics in different colors 3m /chiffon, /pongè (fabrics to use for creating layers)

Decorative knitting yarn

Wool naps 

Silk hanks

Natural Fibers

And anything you have that can be used to create textures

Unwanted prefects for textures

Equipment for pattern cutting

Pattern paper and bubble wrap

A sharpie A long 1m rule Measuring tape

Pen/pencil/marker pen/scissors/paper and fabric

For felting

Bubble plastics

4-5m A roll of 1m thin plastics 3-4 towels felting soap (olive soap) Anti slip mat lager than the project

For felting in ( mostly sold has underlay for carpets)

Swim Noodle or a long wooden stick

Ball bruisers